Olango Island: A Quick Guide

Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary is 5km and only a 30 minutes boat ride from Mactan

The island is a protected bird sanctuary due to the huge numbers of birds that visit here every year

It’s the perfect place to get away from the bust city, enjoy the beaches and amazing views of Mactan

Pictures Of Olango Island
olango island

Picture of the entrance to the Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary

olango island

Picture of the main building (where you pay the entrance fee) of Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary

olango island

Picture of the Olango Flats, when the tide is out the water is really shallow

Videos Of Olango Island


Things To Do

where to stay olango island

Guided Walking Tour Of The Sanctuary

Once at the sanctuary you can get a guide to walk you around for a fee of 200php

The bird sanctuary is a great spot for bird watching, due to the huge amounts of migratory birds that visit the area to refuel during their trip from China, Japan and Seberia before heading off to Australia and New Zealand

Types of birds that can be seen on Olango Island are: Chinese Egrets, Asiatic Dowitchers, Sanpipers and Red Knot just to name a few

Are There Diving Sites?

gato island malapascua island

There are 3 main diving sites on Olango that can be organised with the Tamila Diving Resort

  • Mabini Point

Just off the north coast of Olango, this diving spot is around 35 meters deep and a popular diving site for Hammerhead Sharks and on rare times Whale Sharks can be seen here too

  • Baring

Just off the north-west cost of Olango, being one of the deepest wall dives of 73 meters, fish that can be seen here are Grey Reef Sharks, Tuna and Barracuda

  • Santa Rosa

Just off the south-west cost of Olango, this is great for seeing Catfish, Jacks and Snappers

Olango Island Beach Resorts

Olango Island does have some beach resorts to stay on, but this is more for people who are coming for the bird watching, the diving spots or want a more peaceful time away from the busy Cebu City and Mactan Island

Tamila Beach Villa and Dive Resort

sagastrand beach resort olango island

Only being a quick bike ride from the main pier, around 10-15 minutes, this is a great place to stay, for the private beach and good waters for snorkeling and diving

There are lots of rooms available for guests, an outdoor pool, restaurant and some amazing view from the beach of Cebu across the water

  • Sinamay Room From: 2100 PHP
  • Banig Room From: 2600 PHP
  • Beach Front House From: 5000 PHP

Sagastrand Beach Resort

talima beach villas olango island

Again like the beach resort above, it’s only a 15 minute ride from the pier, once you are here you will agree the 45 minute travel from Mactan is worth it, the resort has small but beautiful beach with the water being calm and clean

There is a restaurant here, outdoor pool too, it’s perfect for families with it’s childrens playground and kiddies pool

  • Garden View Rooms From: 2600 PHP
  • Beach Front House From: 7000 PHP

Getting Theregetting to olango island

The only way to get the Olango Sanctuary is by pump boat from Punta Engano Pier

It’s easy to get to from anywhere in the City or Mactan, the best way is by taxi straight to the pier

olango island map

When at the pier you will need to go to the pier office and pay the pump boat fee which is 15php one way plus a pier fee of 2php

The pump boats usually leave every hour but this depends on the weather and capacity

PLEASE NOTE: The pier gets very busy so make sure you ask at the office to direct you to the correct pump boat after paying your fare

Once on Olango Island you will need to get a tricycle ride from the pier to the sanctuary

The distance is about 4km and the roads are not great so expect a bumpy ride

PLEASE NOTE: The sanctuary is far from any local town and can be very hard to get a ride back again to the pier, so we our advice is to agree with the tricycle driver to wait for you to bring you back

The average agreed cost is going to be about 250php for your round trip

Helpful Information
  • What’s The Weather Like?

The weather is an average temperature of 30 degrees per year, with the hottest being April and May

  • Can I Book A Tour To The Island?
  • What Are The Opening Hours Of The Sanctuary?

The actual sanctuary is open from 9am to 5pm daily

  • Is There An Entrance Fee?

Yes, the entrance fee to the sanctuary is 20php for a local and 100php for a tourist

Don’t forget to visit Nalusuan Island too as it’s part of the Olango Island Group




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