Mountain View Natures Park

What Is Mountain View Natures Park

The mountain view natures park is a private estate built up in the mountains behind Cebu City, a very popular place that is busy during the evenings due to it’s amazing views across the city

Having a viewing deck where you can look over Cebu City, Mactan Island and even on a good day you can see Olango Island, not only does it have a high rope course, swimming pool and restaurant but the views are what makes it special

Pictures Of Mountain View Natures Park

mountain view natures park restaurant

Picture above is of the bar in the restaurant, the food is average price for Cebu and very tasty, we had a 3 course meal for 2 people and it only cost us 800 PHP with drinks

mountain view natures park view from restaurant

The view from sitting at the table in the restaurant, looking over the city with Mactan in the background

Things To Do

The nature park has several things to do like, a outdoor swimming pool, jungle adventure, restaurant and many many viewing areas

Here is the picture of the jungle adventure, prices are 150 PHP Per Person

Although we did pass by the swimming pool on the way out, i didn’t manage to get a picture, so you will have to trust me that they do have a outdoor pool

Staying There

You can rent a room at the natures park, but you can’t book it in advance and they are not available online or with or, the only way you can do it is by contacting them by phone to check if there are rooms available but i’m afraid they won’t reserve it for you

We stayed in one of the rooms and i have to say, what a view

Prices for rooms are:

Double Room: 900 PHP Per Night

City View Room: 1600 PHP Per Night

Suite Rooms: 2500 PHP Per Night

The best rooms for a view across the city are rooms 27-33 as they don’t have anything blocking the view, we did want to stay at the cheaper option of 900 PHP but being at the back, it didn’t have a view at all, also you should note that the suite room does not have a great view either as it’s blocked by trees

So if are looking for an amazing view we suggest you ring up and ask to see if rooms 27-33 are available

Getting There

Here is a map below of where the Mountain View Natures Park

mountain views natures park map

How to get there? well it is very far from the city center, although we did read on other websites that you can get a Habal Habal to the natures park but depending on how much stuff your bringing, a ride on the back of a motorbike isn’t always the best

We traveled from home in Mactan, and got a taxi that cost us 1200 PHP one way, which we found to be very expensive indeed

On the way back it only cost us 500 PHP, as we did get a Habal Habal from the park to Taoist Temple, so i’m not really sure how much a taxi is from the City

I will tell you, that once you are there, it is very hard to get a taxi back from the park to the city, the best thing to do is if you arrive by taxi, take the drivers number and arrange with him to come pick you up on your departure, but make sure to get his number so you can contact him

Helpful Information

Is There An Entrance Fee?

Yes, as you enter the main entrance there is a cubicle where you can pay the entrance fee of 50 PHP Per Person

What To Wear?

I’m going to be honest here, it’s very hilly if your walking around so we advise you not to wear sandals or flip flops

Is There A Jeepney Going Past There?

No, there is no jeepney route that goes from Cebu City to the park

Can We Buy Water And Snacks There?

Yes, there is a small store there where you can buy snacks, beer and other drinks

Is There Breakfast Available There If We Stay?

No, they do have a restaurant onsite but it doesn’t open until 5pm so you can’t get any breakfast, if you want coffee to drink in the morning then the store does sell coffee and is open in the morning

What Is The Contact Info?

The best way we found to contact the park is through their facebook page


cebucation logoThanks for reading our page about the Mountain View Natures Park, we hope it has helped you decide on why you should visit, if you have any questions about this page or Cebu in general you can ask on our Cebucation Facebook Page where we will answer within a few hours