Lapu Lapu Statue: A Quick Guide

What Is The Lapu Lapu Statue

The Lapu Lapu Statue is a 20 meter tall bronze statue located in Punta Engano, Mactan Island

The statue is to honour the tribal leader that led the defeat of the Spanish in the battle of Mactan in 1521

Cebu Island was controlled by the Spanish, however Mactan island was still under control of the native tribe, Lapu Lapu (the leader of the Mactan tribe) refused to surrender to the Spanish and led the battle that ended in the leader of the Spanish army, Ferdinand Magellan​ to die

To the locals here in Cebu and everyone across the Philippines, this is a huge part of the history of the country, Lapu Lapu still looks out to the sea to defend Mactan Island​

Pictures Of The Lapu Lapu Statue

lapu lapu statue

As you can see the Lapu Lapu statue looks beautiful in the sun, sorry about the cranes in the background, but Cebu is crazy building new resorts and condos right now

magellan shrine

Here is the picture of the Magellan Shrine, upon entering the park, this is the first monument you will see

lapu lapu statue local stalls

After entering the park, if you take the path to the right it will bring you to all the stalls selling locals things for you to browse and buy as gifts for family and friends

lapu lapu statue guitar stall

This was my favorite stall there, some of the guitars were just so beautiful, handmade and some were even mahogany wood, we took a look at the guitars and the prices do range from 4000 PHP to 8000 PHP

Getting There

Located in Punta Engano, it is easy to get here, simply flag down a taxi to take you here, prices will depend on where you are departing from

It is probably best that when you come here by taxi, you ask the driver to wait for you while you visit and take your pictures as it can be hard to get another taxi back​

  • Map Of Lapu Lapu Statue

lapu lapu statue map

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