Fort San Pedro

What Is Fort San Pedro?

Fort San Pedro is one of the oldest forts in the Philippines, built in 1738 by the local Spanish governor Miguel Lopez De Legazpi

The fort, a beautiful structure made from stone, with walls over 6 meters tall and 2.5 meters thick, an amazing triumph to the builders of the 17th century​

Used by the Spanish to defend Cebu City from invading Muslim Raiders

It has been used through out it’s life a fort for defense, but now is a museum, inside it’s over 2000 sqm with huge garden area​

Pictures Of Fort San Pedro

fort san pedro

Picture of the entrance to Fort San Pedro, as you walk through the main gate, on the right hand side is the entrance fee cubicle where you pay the entrance fee

After paying your entrance fee, you walk into the main yard where there is a garden area with lots of trees

Just on your right hand side after entering the fort, there is a small museum that has some really nice wooden models of ships, the detail is just amazing

fort san pedro pictures

In the museum there are other artifacts from the history of the fort as you can see in this picture above

fort san pedro museum

Just next to the museum, there is a set of steps that will take you to the main wall of the fort, where you can walk all the way around and gives you a nice view of the surroundings, including the Plaza Indepencia

As you go up the steps on the right hand side there is a small room that has many pictures, it’s a nice layout of the room, white and very cool, so on a hot day it’s worth taking a look

Don’t worry, if your visiting on a hot day, there are some trees around the fort you can use for shade


Getting There

Below is a map of where Fort San Pedro is located, you can get there by taking a taxi from anywhere in Cebu City or as i did from Mactan Island

fort san pedro map

The fort is quite a distance from the City center and i wouldn’t reccomend that you walk, especially on a hot day

Fort San Pedro Helpful Information

What Is The Entrance Fee To The Fort?

not sure

Can I Pay For A Guide?

Yes, you can pay for a tour guide once you arrive at the fort, please ask the guys at the desk when you are paying your entrance fee, i’m not sure of what the price is for a tour guide as when i visited i didn’t get one

Are There Any Shops Or Stores At The Fort?

No, there are not any stores or shops at the fort to buy any drinks, but just outside of the Plaza there are local shops where you can buy your needs, on a hot day we suggest you bring a bottle of water with you

If I Arrive By Taxi, Can We Get Him To Wait For Us During Our Visit?

Yes, if you arrive by taxi you can ask your driver to wait for you, while you take a walk around the fort, the fort is small and it doesn’t take anymore than 30 minutes to walk around and have a look

I Would Like To Know More Information On The History, Where Can I Find This?

You can find more information about the history of the fort by visiting wikipedia here

Other Tourist Spots In Cebu City

Plaza Indepencia – Located right next to Fort San Pedro, The Plaza Indepencia is only across the road, infact when you arrive by taxi, the fort will be on your left and the Plaza will be on your right

It’s a large park with many trees and a few statues, worth a quick look around while your in the area

Magellan’s Cross – Located about 10 minutes away by walking, you can go out of the fort entrance and keep walking straight through the Plaza Indepencia Park until you get to the main entrance of the Plaza, there you will see a road crossing

Cross the road and walk for about 5 minutes and take your first left turn you come too,,, walk down that road for about 5 minutes and the back entrance is located on the right hand side


If your walking to the Magellan’s cross and get lost, just simply ask someone for directions to the Mc Donalds, as the Magellan’s Cross is just across the road from Mc Donalds restaurant


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