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Firstly i must point out to all readers of that all the information i provide for tourist spots and attractions is the most up to date information from the time written, i cannot make a gaurentee that the information is accurate in regards to prices for entrance fees and timetables for buses and ferry’s

Prices for hotels and other accommodation are “from” as the prices do change from month to month depending on season and room availability,

For example, expect that public holidays such as Christmas and new year, festivals and other special events in Cebu City or outside of it, i would expect the prices for accommodation to be higher than the yearly average

Any information you use from is at your own risk and we cannot hold any accountability for information that may not be accurate at the time of reading


If you find incomplete information, you may contact and inform us where we will update it as we see fit.

All the information i provide throughout the website are factual at time of writing, for example, Cebu tourist spots, Cebu tourist attractions, Cebu tourist guide and accommodation pages

Our blog pages are our own opinions and thoughts and cannot be defined as professional legal, medical or any other professional advice

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Affiliate Disclaimer

We must disclose the use of affiliate links included throughout this website. We disclose that we may receive compensation if the reader utilizes the links placed on this website

The links lead to third party websites that we have no control over, or a say in what products and information these third party websites provide

For example, any accommodation links do lead to third party websites where you can find more information about the chosen accommodation and make a booking, therefore this information on the third party website is not own or controlled by us


For example, with any tours you may wish to book, or find out more information, out links take you to a third party website, where we do not control the information,

If you make a booking through one of our links to a third party website, your contract is with the third party website and not

All comments published on this website may be edited or deleted if we do not see it beneficial or if it includes vulgar language, personal attacks and inappropriate behavior.

Our Copyright Privacy

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Our web servers collect information based on and not limited to, IP address, browsers and references. In no way will we be able to collect any personal information based on this data.