Cebu Capitol Building: A Quick Guide

What Is The Cebu Capitol Building?

The Cebu Capitol Building is where the seat of Cebu’s Provincial Government is held

Located at the end of Osmena Boulevard it is certainly a building that stands out

It was built for the government in 1938

The writing on the front of the building says “The authority Of The Government Emanates From The People” a reminder to anyone entering this building that the power is with the People Of Cebu and not an office of government​

Pictures Of The Cebu Capitol Building

cebu tourist spots cebu capitol building

Getting There

Located at the North End of Osmena Boulevard, getting to the Capitol Building is simple, you can get a taxi from anywhere in the City or Mactan

cebu capitol building map

If your already in the city center, at Funete Circle you can walk straight up the Osmena Boulevard heading west and walk up the road for about 10 minutes and the Cebu Capitol Building is at the end of boulevard

Other Tourist Spots In Cebu City

More tourist spots to consider in the city are:

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Magellan’s Cross


cebucation logoThanks for reading our page about the Cebu Capitol Building, if your in the city it’s worth a visit for a few pictures, if you have any questions about this page or about Cebu you can ask me on my Cebucation Facebook Page where i will answer within a few hours