Cebu Beach Resorts: 49 Reasons To Visit Cebu

Planning your next trip Cebu Island? Looking for Cebu Beach Resorts? Then stop your search because we have the Ultimate Guide of all the beach resorts that Cebu has to offer

Many of the Cebu Beach Resorts are located on Mactan Island, just a short taxi ride from the airport, but if you want to find out the whole list of beach resorts across the entire island of Cebu and it’s smaller islands, then this list is for you

Best 49 Cebu Beach Resorts

Mactan is the most popular destination when t comes to beach resorts in Cebu because the waters are great for swimming and many of the beaches are private just for guests of the resorts to use

Pacific Cebu Resort

cebu beach resorts pacific cebu resort mactan island

Picture Of The Swimming Pool Pacific Cebu Resort

The resort has 133 rooms for guests and popular with divers because of it’s in house training and tour center, it still has a private beach and outdoor pool for the non divers, along with tennis court, fitness center and other water sports above the water

  • Standard Double Room From: 2300 php
  • Superior Double Room From: 3500 php
  • Ocean View Family Room From: 4700 php

Bluefins Beach Resort

cebu beach resorts bluefins resort mactan island

Picture Of The Beach Bluefins Resort

With only 16 rooms here the resort is very peaceful and perfect for anyone wanting a relaxed and quiet stay, the resort does have an outdoor pool, a beach area

  • Garden View Rooms From: 2200 php
  • Ocean View Villa From: 2500 php

J Park Resort & Waterpark

cebu beach resorts jpark island resort

Not only is this a beach resort but a huge water park too, great for people who loves water slides and anything water, also has a private beach, mini golf, fitness center and spa. J park has 556 rooms with either garden view or ocean view

  • 1 Bedroom Suite From: 9300 php
  • Jacuzzi Villa From: 11,000 php
  • Private Pool Villa From: 12,700 php

Maribago Bluewater Resort

cebu beach resorts maribago bluewater resort mactan island

Picture Of The Beach Maribago Bluewater Resort

With 166 rooms for guests, this resort offers a private beach and swimming pool, 3 restaurants and activities like scuba diving tours and it’s famous massage and spa, located on the main strip in Mactan, this resort is perfect for exploring local shops and restaurants

  • Deluxe Double Room From: 6500 php
  • Amuma Suite From: 7300 php
  • Royal Bungalow From: 16,000 php

Crimson Resort & Spa

cebu beach resorts crimson resort mactan island

Picture Of The Beach Crimson Resort

Probably one of the most famous cebu beach resorts, offering a 3 tier swimming pool, water sports activities along with a wellness spa, the resort offers 270 rooms, many with private garden and pool, a true 5 star resort

  • Deluxe Double Room From: 7700 php
  • Beach Front Casita From: 49,000 php

Plantation Bay Resort & Spa

cebu beach resorts plantation bay resort & spa mactan island

Picture Of The Swimming Pool Plantation Bay Resort & Spa

Located in Cordova, away from the main road in Mactan, this resort is huge, featuring large swimming pools in the center of the resort and the 256 rooms all over looking the pools, the resort offers 3 restaurants, games room, scuba diving training and tours, rock climbing and archery to name just a few

  • Double Lagoon View Room From: 9000 php
  • 1 Bedroom Suite From: 11,000 php

Palmbeach Resort & Spa

cebu beach resorts palmbeach resort mactan island

Picture Of The Swimming Pool Palmbeach Resort

A smaller resort with only 52 rooms but offering the same facilities as the bigger resorts in Mactan, not only does it have it’s own private beach for guests, outdoor swimming pool and water sports activities, it has a spa, games room and even a libaray

  • Standard Double Room From: 3200 php
  • Deluxe Double Room From: 4000 php
  • Suite Room From: 6300 php

Shangri-La Resort & Spa

cebu beach resorts shangri-la resort mactan island

Picture Of The Beach Shangri-la Resort

Probably one the best known Cebu Beach Resorts for it’s luxury accommodation, the resort is huge in size and has over 500 rooms and boasts a private beach, tennis court, spa and many other outdoor activities including water sports

  • Deluxe Room From: 12,000 php
  • Panorama Suite From: 29,000 php

Movenpick Resort

cebu beach resorts movenpick resort mactan island

Picture Of The Beach Movenpick Resort

A 5 star resort offering guests 245 rooms all with private balcony sea views, the resort has 2 swimming pools, a private beach area, fitness center, games room and even a Turkish steam room, with the added water sports and diving tours you will never want to leave this resort

  • Deluxe King Room From: 6800 php
  • Presidential Suite From: 100,000 php

Be Resorts Mactan Island

cebu beach resorts be resorts mactan island

Picture Of The Beach Be Resorts

Located in Punta Engano, close to the lapu Lapu Statue, this beach resort has 161 rooms with most having sea views as the resort looks out over the Bohol Straight, on a clear day you can see Olango island. Boasting a outdoor pool and private beach area to relax under the sun

  • Be Cool Room From: 5800 php
  • Be Chic Room From: 6800 php
  • Be Classy Room From: 8600 php

Cebu White Sands Resort

cebu beach resorts cebu white sands resort mactan island

Picture Of The Beach Cebu White Sands Resort

Another luxury resort in Mactan offering 2 outdoor swimming pools, 2 restaurants, one being on the beach front, spa treatment and diving tours arranged from the resort

  • Deluxe Double Room From: 8000 php
  • Grand Deluxe From: 8500 php
  • Premier Room From: 12,700 php

Blue Garden Resort

cebu beach resorts blue garden resort mactan island

Picture Of The Beach Blue Garden Resort

Only having 16 rooms this is a perfect resort for anyone wanting to have a quiet, relaxing vacation, the resort has an outdoor swimming pool and private beach area

  • Garden Cottage From: 3500 php
  • Family Cottage From: 4900 php

Sotogrande Beach Resort

cebu beach resorts sotogrande hotel mactan island

Picture Of The Swimming Pool Sotogrande Hotel

Located in Maribago right on the waters edge, this resort is a tall building with many of the rooms facing out over the sea, the resort has 77 rooms so it’s not as busy as many of it’s neighboring beach resorts and has an outdoor swimming pool and private beach area

  • Deluxe Rooms From: 3500 php
  • Suite Rooms From: 4500 php

Costabella Beach Resort

cebu beach resort costabella beach hotel mactan island

Picture Of The Beach Costabella Beach Resort

Being one of the luxurious beach resorts in Cebu, it offers guests 2 outdoor swimming pools with a private beach and has many activities like scuba diving tours and training and other water sports found with many of the resorts in Mactan

  • Deluxe Poolside From: 5400 php
  • Suite Rooms From: 9900 php
  • 2 Bed Seafront Suites From: 12,000 php

Cordova Reef Village

cebu beach resorts cordova reef village cordova

Picture Of The Beach Cordova Reef Village

Set in Cordova away from the busy town of Mactan, the resort is another of the quiet and peaceful resorts, having only has 50 rooms you can expect total relaxation and a private beach only being shared with a few other people, apart from the beach the resort also has an outdoor swimming pool and offers many water sports activities for guests

  • Garden Villa From: 3500 php
  • Pool Villa From: 4000 php
  • Ocean View Villa From: 4500 php

Olango Island Beach Resorts

olango island mapOlango island is a bird sanctuary island off the coast of Mactan, a quick 30 mins boat ride will get you there from the pier at Mactan New Town

The island has a huge migratory bird population, over 90 species of birds so for those that love nature and being on a remote island with a small local population this is the place to be

Mostly visited by tourists on a day trip and over looked by people looking for Cebu Beach Resorts

You will find Olango Island another world away from the main tourist areas and great for those who want sand, sun and sea but away from everyone else

There are only 2 beach resorts on the island with limited rooms so best to book early before they are full

Don’t forget to visit our Olango Island Page for more information about getting there and things to do

Talima Beach Resort

cebu beach resorts talima beach villas olango island

Picture Of The Beach Talima Beach Villas

Located On Olango Island, only 30 minutes boat ride from Cebu, Tamila offers diving trips around the island for guests as well as an outdoor pool and private beach area

  • Sinamay Room From: 2100 php
  • Banig Room From: 2600 php
  • Beach Front House 5500 php

Sagastrand Beach Resort

cebu beach resorts sagastrand beach resort olango island

Picture Of The Swimming Pool Sagastrand Beach Resort

Located 1km from the pier, the resort offers a private beach, swimming pool and amazing views of Cebu

  • Garden View Rooms From: 2600 php
  • Beach Front House 7000 php

Nalusuan Island Beach Resorts

nalusuan island mapNalusuan Island is a marine sanctuary located between Cebu and Bohol, it’s surrounded by a huge reef

As there is no fishing allowed in the area, the reef is full of many different fish

You can buy bread crumbs, jump in the water and feed the fish, yes they will eat out of your hand

You can also book a all day island hopping tour to this island and 2 others that included bbq lunch

The island also offers accommodation for anyone wanting to experience the “island life” with amazing views from your bedroom window of clear blue waters

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Nalusuan Island Marine Sanctuary

cebu beach resorts nalusuan island marine sanctuary

Picture Of Nalusuan Island From The Sea

Stay on the marine sanctuary in the middle of the ocean away from the busy city, this is an experience not to be missed for anyone looking to relax and forget the world. With only 14 rooms on this small reef, the water being very shallow it’s perfect for families, romantic breaks and star gazing

  • Air Con Sea View Cottages 2800 php

Cebu Beach Resorts: Cebu North

If you want to go out of the city area and explore what the north of cebu has to offer, you might want to know about these cebu beach resorts in the north of the island, some are only a short journey away from the airport, some others are several hours away

Estaca Beach Resort

cebu beach resorts estaca bay resort compostella

Picture Of The Beach Estaca Bay Resort

Located in Compostella just under 1 hour drive from Cebu City, the resort offers a private beach, swimming pool and water sports activities, childrens playground

  • Superior Room From: 1200 php
  • Deluxe Room From: 1600 php

Elsalvador Beach Resort

cebu beach resorts elsalvador beach resort danao

Picture Of The Beach Elsalvador Beach Resort

Located In Danao, just over 1 hour drive from Cebu City, the resort offers guests a private beach, outdoor swimming pool, massage & spa and a garden

  • Garden View Room From: 2400 php
  • Deluxe Room From: 3200 php

Casa Del Mar Beach Resort

cebu beach resorts casa del mar beach resort san remigio

Picture Of The Beach Casa Del Mar Beach Resort

Located in San Remigio, a 2.5 hour drive from Cebu City you can be in paradise with this beautiful small beach resort, the resort offers a private beach area, outdoor swimming pool, water sports activities and games room

  • Superior Double Room From: 2000 php
  • Suite From: 2700 php
  • Penthouse Suite From: 4500 php

Camotes Island Beach Resorts

camotes island mapCamotes Island is made up of 3 islands with 2 being connected by a bridge, located in the bohol straight about half way between Cebu and Bohol

Only a 90 minute ride from the airport to the boat pier and just an hour boat ride from Danao Pier gets you to Camotes Island

Camotes Island is a popular destination for those wanting perfect white sandy beach resorts at half the price of those in Mactan

Don’t forget to visit our Camotes Island Page on how to get there and things to do

Camotes Island has 4 beach resorts for guests to enjoy, whether your going for a visit for some scuba diving or just looking to get away to somewhere quiet than the mainland

cebu beach resorts camotes island resorts

The benefit of visiting Camotes is that it’s not a very busy island like the other destinations in Cebu, the beach resorts are smaller than those on Mactan, so it’s the perfect place to enjoy a peaceful vacation. Find out more about Camotes

The average cost per night at one of the beach resorts in Camotes is 2500 PHP or $30 which makes it one of the best places for cebu beach resorts on price

Bantayan Island Beach Resorts

bantayan island mapBantayan Island has some of the best Cebu beach resorts in the Philippines, with many of them being on the soft, white sandy beach overlooking the blue, crystal clear waters

Located in the north of Cebu, it’s a bit of a distance away from the airport but worth the trip

Bantayan is very popular for it’s white beach and is often compared as an alternative to Boracay

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cebu beach resorts bantayan island resorts

Bantayan Island has 14 beach resorts for guests to enjoy with most of them being located on the famous white beach, the average cost for a resort on Bantayan is 3000 PHP or $40 which makes it one of the best locations to enjoy one of Cebu Beach Resorts at a affordable cost compared to other destinations in the Philippines

Malapascua Island Beach Resorts

map of malapascua islandEven if you don’t scuba, it’s still perfect to relax on the white sandy beach or snorkel in the warm waters

The farthest island off the Northern coast, Malapascua is a very popular scuba diving island with clear blue waters just off it’s coast, along with many reefs

Don’t forget to visit our Malapascua Island Page on getting there, things to do and list of restaurants



cebu beach resorts malapascua island

Malapascua is world famous for it’s scuba diving spots, but not only has it 28 diving spots for everyone to enjoy, it also has some of the best beaches in the Philippines with Bounty Beach being the main beach on the island where most the resorts are located on

Malapascua also has 6 other smaller beaches on it’s coast

The average cost of a beach resort on Malapascua is 3000 PHP or $40, which makes is a perfect destination for anyone wanting to scuba dive and enjoy one of the 14 beach resorts

Cebu Beach Resorts: Cebu South

If your planning a trip to the south of Cebu, to some of the attractions like whale shark swimming and Moalboal white beach, you might want to stay at one of the many Cebu Beach Resorts in the south

Down South 118 Beach Resort

cebu beach resorts down south 118 beach resort oslob

Picture Of The beach Down South 118 Beach Resort

Located in Oslob close to the Whale Shark Watching and Tumalog Waterfall, only a 2 hour drive from Cebu City, the resort offers a private beach area,restaurant and with only 10 rooms here your guaranteed a peaceful stay

  • Sea View Room From: 2200 php

Asian Belgian Beach Resort

cebu beach resorts asian belgian dive resort moalboal

Picture Of The Viewing Deck Asian Belgian Dive Resort

Located in Moalboal South Cebu,a 2.5 – 3 hour drive from Cebu City, the resort is popular with scuba divers visiting the area, the resort offers scuba training and tours, also a private beach are and garden for relaxing

  • Sea View Room From: 2500 php
  • Dolphin Watch Room From: 3400 php

Ravenala Beach Houses

cebu beach resorts ravenala resort moalboal

Picture Of The Beach Ravenala Resort

Located in Moalboal close to the famous white beach

  • Sea View Bungalow From: 2400 php

Badian Island Beach Resorts

Badian Island is located off the coast of South Cebu, near to the town of Badian, Kawasan Falls and Moalboal

This beach resort offers a retreat experience, perfect for anyone who needs pampering, a quiet scene for yoga and relaxation

Badian Island is very popular with celebrities who come here for it’s famous 5 star service but with a 3 star price

cebu beach resorts badian island wellness spa

Picture Of The Beach, Badian Island Wellness Spa

Located in the South of Cebu Island, with only 42 rooms, this resort is the only accommodation on the island, so expect a total unique experience while staying here. One of a few 5 star cebu beach resorts that offer a wellness escape used by many celebrities

  • Junior Suite 10,000 php
  • Badian Suite 15,000 php
  • Pool Villa 23,000 php

Sumilon Island Beach Resorts

Sumilon Island only has 1 beach resort on it, you have the entire island to yourself, located in the south of Cebu near Oslob

Very popular destination for celebrities for it’s 5 star beach resort, private and peaceful retreat, the island has many things to discover including it’s own waterfall, with the resort offering a truly 5 star experience

cebu beach resorts sumilon bluewater resort

Picture Of The Beach, Sumilon Bluewater Resort

Located on Sumilon island in the South of Cebu, the resort has 14 rooms and is one of the top luxury Cebu Beach Resorts, you can expect a total VIP experience here like it’s your own private island

  • Standard Villa 13,000 php
  • Beach Villa 18,000 php
  • Luxury Camping On The Beach 8100 php

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