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Welcome To Our About Me Page

I am Gary, the author and webmaster of Cebucation.com

Originally from the U.K i first visited the Philippines back in 2012 where i was in Manila then went onto Boracay, i actually came for 30 days and within 2 months of being back in the U.K i was on a plane to the Philippines again

For me, the philippines is a paradise, for several reasons

Has to be the weather, when you live in the U.K and the weather is rubbish all year round, coming here and it’s warm and sunny all the time, it’s hard not to love the place

Is the food, i love the food here because it’s fresh, it’s local and not prepacked like we have in the west and of course no GMO’s here (for now)

The people are something totally different to anywhere else, being some one that has been all over Europe, it’s hard not to love the customer service, always helpful and always smiling

The cost of everything, well when you can eat out for really cheap here, getting around is so cheap it’s not even worth trying to convert it into GBP

The attractions and activities here in Cebu is really what gets me, although once you understand that these things are expensive to do with a tour but less than half the price if you do it yourself, but yes for me, as a scuba diver this place is amazing, not only do you have many waterfalls to visit, zip lines and some of the best diving spots in Asia, it’s hard not to love here

I first started Cebucation.com because of the very simple reason, it’s so hard to find any information about anything here, you can google things to do in Cebu or look on Trip Advisor, but no one tells you how to get to somewhere, where are the best places to stay close to where you want to go,,

So i started this website, not as a blog about me traveling Cebu, but as a guide of what Cebu has to offer tourists and the important things like how to get there

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