Bantayan Island: A Complete Guide

bantayan island

Bantayan Island is a small group of islands located in the far north of Cebu, the island was declared a wilderness area by the Philippine government in 1981

With a small population of under 150,00 and many of the island residents are either in the fishing industry or land farming of corn and mango

It’s a very peaceful and safe destination for tourists, the island is so small everyone knows everybody

You can easily get around the island by hiring a bike, renting a motorbike, most the beach resorts and restaurants are located in Santa Fe

Why Visit Bantayan Island?

beach in bantayan island

 Known for it’s beautiful white sandy beaches, clear blue waters, but that’s not the only reason to visit, the island is small, easy to get around, the traffic is not like Cebu City

Although the main beach area where all the resorts are is small, most of the resorts are on the beach, many of them having cottages or beach villas, open your door and step right onto the sand

Comparing the prices of the resorts in the popular are of Mactan or even Boracay, you will be glad to know the rates are a lot lower than those other areas

Things To Do

skydiving bantayan island

Sky Diving

yes, you can enjoy the view of the island from above the clouds with the wind blowing in your hair, prices are 18,000 peso for a tandem jump which is very cheap compared to other parts of the world

The White Beach

With many of the beach resorts on Bantayan being located right on the white sandy beach, you can relax, enjoy the sun and the view of the sea

Ogtong Cave

Visit the Ogtong cave and swim in the clear cool water

Water sports

There are many water sports available like jet ski and kayaking just to name a few, once you are there near the beach you will get offered by tour guides the water sports

Where To Stay?

where to stay bantayan island

Bantayan Island Beach Resorts

You might be surprised to know that you can stay at a beach resort in Bantayan for 1/3 of the prices for resorts in Mactan Island

Yooneek Beach Resort

yooneek beach resort bantayan island

  • Double Rooms From 1300 php

White Beach Bungalows

white beach bungalows bantayan island

  • Beach Bungalows From 3300 php

Maia’s Beach Resort

maia's beach resort bantayan island

  • Sea View Cottage From 1800 php

Hoyahoy Beach Villas

hoyohoy villas bantayan island

  • Beach Villas From 4000 php

Sunday Flower Resort

sunday flower beach resort bantayan island

  • Deluxe Rooms From 1200 php

Ogtong Cave Resort

ogtong cave resort bantayan island

  • Sea View Cottages From 1200 php

Beach Placid Beach Resort

beach placid resort bantayan island

  • Beach Front Cottages From 1300 php

Sta Fe Beach Resort

sta fe beach club bantayan island

  • Sea View Cottages From 2600 php

Marlins Beach Resort

marlins beach resort bantayan island

  • Double Sea View Rooms From 4900 php

Anika Beach Resort

anika island resort bantayan island

  • Queen Rooms From 2600 php

Kota Beach Resort

kota beach resort bantayan island

  • Beach Front Cottages From 2800 php

Ritzy’s White Beach Resort

cebu beach resorts ritzys white beach resort bantayan island

  • Standard Double Room From 2000 php
  • Family Room From 3500 php

Blue Coral Oriental Beach Resort

cebu beach resorts coral blue oriental beach resort bantyan island

  • Suite With Sea View & Balcony From 5500 php

Amihan Beach Cabanas

cebu beach resorts amihan beach cabanas bantayan island

  • Beach Bungalows With Sea View From 3000 php

Bantyan Island Hotels

There are many other types of places to stay, we have just listed the popular beach resorts, you can search hotels and hostels by clicking below

Casa Isabel

  • Standard Double Room From 600 PHP

Nordic Inn

  • Deluxe Double Rooms From 1100 PHP

Adelaida Pensionne Hotel

  • Standard Double Room From 1700 PHP

Seaview Apartelle

  • Deluxe Double Room From: 1400 PHP


Places To Eat On Bantayan Island

where to eat bantayan island

Here are the TOP 10 places to eat on Bantayan voted by reviewers on Trip Advisor

caffe del mare bantayan island

Caffe Del Mar Restaurant

Serving freshly made pizza in store and pasta dishes

bavarian beergarden bantayan island

Bavarian Beergarden & Restaurant

Serving traditional homemade German foods and beers from around the world

ale pasta basta bantayan island

Ale Pasta Basta Restaurant

A popular Italian restaurant serving traditional Italian food like pizza and pasta dishes

shake me bantayan island

Shake Me

Serving fresh fruit shakes, homemade cookies and cupcakes

coucou restaurant bantayan island

Coucou Bar & Restaurant

Known for it’s local dishes, also serves international foods

blue ice bar and restaurant bantayan island

Blue Ice Bar & Restaurant

Serving sea food, local dishes and some international foods

tristans bar bantayan island

Tristans Bar & Restaurant

Serving a range of pizza and sea food dishes

santa fe bakery and cafe bantayan island

Santa Fe Bakery & Cafe

A nice little coffee shop serving homemade burgers

balikbayan restaurant bantayan island

Balikbayan Restaurant

Well known for it’s seafood curry

Getting To Bantayan Island

getting to bantayan island

As you can see, Bantayan Island is located off the North coast of Cebu, lets have a look at how to get to Bantyan Island…

bantayan island mapHere are the 3 options that we recommend on getting to Bantayan, but first, you need to know, you will have to get a ferry from the mainland across to the island

Here is where the ferry port of Hagnaya is located:


  • Step 1. Getting to the Hagnaya Ferry Port By TAXI

getting taxi in cebu

If getting a taxi, please make sure you agree the fare before starting your journey, most taxi drivers will agree on a set fare instead of using the meter, which is the norm here in the Philippines when taking longer journeys

You can get a taxi from anywhere in Cebu, as a guide of costs, a typical taxi fare from Mactan Island will be between 2200 to 2500 php one way due to the distance of how far the ferry port is from Mactan

  • Step 2. Getting to Hagnaya Ferry Port By V-hire

Typically you find V-hire vans at malls, like Gaisano Island Mall in Mactan, Ayala Mall in the City

I would expect to be paying 2000 – 2500 for the hire of a van and driver

  • Step 3. Getting To Hagnaya Ferry Port By Public Bus


You can get the bus that goes from Cebu North Bus Terminal, buses run every 20 minutes from the terminal

The bus journey will take between 3 and 4 hours by bus, the fare is around 250 php one way

  • Step 4. Getting The Ferry From Hagnaya To Santa Fe

ferry crossing bantayan island

Once you are arrive at the ferry port you can go to the office and buy your ticket, below is the ferry time table

(please remember to leave Cebu or wherever you are coming from in time to get the LAST ferry or you will be stuck at the ferry port)

  • Step 5. Getting From Santa Fe Ferry Port To Your Hotel

Once you arrive on Bantayan at Santa Fe port, there will be a number of tricycles and vans ready to pick you up and take you to your destination

  • Step 6. Getting Back From Santa Fe To Cebu

First, you will have to get the ferry back across to Cebu Island, then get the bus from the ferry port to the Cebu North Bus Terminal. Below is the ferry timetable for you:


Helpful Information

  •  What’s The Weather Like In Bantayan Island?

The average yearly temperature of the island is 30 degrees, with the hottest months of April, May, June, July where temperatures can reach 34 degrees

  • Is there ATM on the island?

There are no ATM’s currently on the island, so make sure to bring enough cash with you, most of the beach resorts will let you pay by card for food and drinks

so if your staying at one of the resorts or hotels, you can always run a “account” until the end of your stay and pay in full before departing

  • What if i don’t want to get the bus on my return journey to Cebu?

If you don’t want to get the bus, and you arrived by taxi, you can make a deal with your taxi driver to come pick you up from the ferry port,

if you are going to do this, we do recommend that you have his number so that you can keep in contact with him

  • Are there amazing places to visit on the way to Bantayan?

Yes, if your like me and love adventure, then i would suggest stopping off at a few places, there are 2 zip lines you could do on the way, or maybe some caving and rappelling maybe

Take a look at this Blog Post i did about getting to Bantayan the adventure way

  • Are there any other islands i should consider visiting around Cebu too?

Yes, we would also recommend a visit to Malapascua, Camotes and Olango Island

  • I am arriving late into Mactan International Airport and will be tired, i don’t want to travel 4 hours to Bantayan after my flight,
  • Is there somewhere cheap to stay that night before going to Bantayan the next day?

Yes, we understand you might be arriving either late in the afternoon or evening, or through an international flight, and want to stay in Cebu before heading to Bantayan

Take a look at our list of Cheap Hotels In Mactan Here

  • I’m interested in the history of the Island, where can i find more information?

If your wanting to learn more about the history of the island we recommend visiting Wikipedia


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