1001 Reasons To Visit Cebu Island

Cebu Island is a long narrow stretch of land located in the central visayas region in the Philippines, between the islands of Bohol and Negros

The island has thmap of cebu islande 2nd largest city in the Philippines, is a hub for Cebupacific Air with many flights daily to and from other islands within the Philippines including direct flights from Manila (1hr 25mins)

Discover why nearly 1 Million tourists visit the island every year for it’s beautiful white sandy beaches, the many beach resorts, historical places, modern malls and more adventure to explore than the whole of the Philippines put together

 What To Do In Cebu Island

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Adventure & Activities

Cebu Island has many types of adventure all over the island, whether your in the City or roaming the countryside of the north or south

Top 5 Attractions and Activities in Cebu

  1. Oslob Whale Shark Swimming
  2. Canyoneering
  3. Zip lines
  4. Underwater Scooter
  5. Waterfalls

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Tourist Spots

Why not discover some of the historical places in Cebu Island? With the history of Cebu there are many forts and churches to visit along with museums showing old artifacts from Cebu’s past

Top 5 Tourist Spots

  1. Lapu Lapu Statue
  2. Fort San Pedro
  3. Magellan’s Cross
  4. Cebu Capitol Building
  5. Metropolitan Cathedral

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Islands Around Cebu

Not only do these islands have some of the best beaches in the Philippines, top scuba diving spots in Asia, clearest blue waters as good as El Nido but have beach resorts that are 1/3 the price compared to other parts of Asia

Top 5 Islands You Should Visit During Your Stay In Cebu

Nalusuan Island

A marine sanctuary that’s located just off the coast of Mactan, perfect for snorkeling with it’s clear blue waters, the fish are so tame there you can actually feed the fish out of your hands

Olango Island

A bird sanctuary that’s a popular destination for bird watchers, with over 200 species of birds that visit the island during their migratory flight, but that’s not all, Olango is a quiet island with several beach resorts that offers guests a nice peaceful stay away from the main tourist areas

Camotes Island

A group of 3 islands located between Cebu and Bohol, known for it’s scuba spots and peaceful break away from the city

Bantayan Island

One of the most popular islands that tourists visit for it’s white sandy beaches, often compared to Boracay this island is a very popular destination for people wanting to stay on a white sandy beach without it being as crowded as other places like Mactan

Malapascua Island

The top diving spot in the Philippines and maybe even Asia, with it’s 28 diving spots including Thresher, Hammerhead and White Tip Sharks often found in the waters all year round. The island also offers beautiful white sandy beaches to the sun lovers along with crystal clear waters for swimming and snorkeling

Where To Stay On Cebu Island?

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49 Beach Resorts In Cebu

See our list of 49 more reasons to visit Cebu, with so many beach resorts your choice is huge

Most the popular ones are in Mactan Island, close to the airport, just think of this, you could be getting off the plane and lying on a beautiful white sandy beach within the hour

Don’t forget some of the TOP destinations like Bantayan Island, Malapascua Island and Moalboal for some of the best beaches in Asia

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 Short Term Apartments

Sometimes when your traveling, you want something that is like being at home, relax in a living room and use of a kitchen, perfect for anyone staying longer term in Cebu

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Cheap Hotels Cebu City

Our most popular post for people visiting Cebu City, a complete list of 18 hotels in Cebu City under 1500 Peso per night, be in the heart of the city close to the nightlife

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Cheap Hotels In Mactan

If your looking to stay in Mactan Island for a low cost, then why not view our list of 8 Mactan Island Hotels  for under 2000 Peso Per Night

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Pension Houses In Cebu

There are lots of cheap alternatives to stay in Cebu, we have made a list of pension houses in Cebu for under 1500 php per night

Weather In Cebu

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Just another reason to visit Cebu Island is of course the weather, with the average temperature of 28 Degrees year round and the sea being a really warm 26 Degree average

You can find out more information about Cebu Weather Here

How Much Does Food Cost?

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Well, here are just more reasons to come visit, compared to many other parts in the world, the food here is cheap, you can eat at a nice restaurant for 2 people for around $15, not bad for a 3 course meal??

Check out our guide on What Things Cost In Cebu Here

The Cebuana People

We will have to admit, the politeness of the Filipino people is just amazing, they speak well, they are respectful and i can’t think of any other nation that is happier than a Filipino

If your tired of going on vacation and dealing with rude, unhelpful staff, then come to the Philippines and let the people here show you just how welcoming and inviting they are

There is a reason “it’s more fun in the Philippines” and it’s the PEOPLE

Getting To Cebu Island

Cebu is the 2nd largest airport in the Philippines with many direct international flights within Asia, Manila is only 1 hour 25 mins awaygetting to cebu island

With Cebu airport being a hub for major airlines, you also have the freedom of direct flights to many other islands including other popular Philippine tourist destinations like Boracay, Palawan and Suriago

The best thing about coming to Cebu Island is, many of the popular beach resorts are very close so you could be landing at the airport at 1pm and relaxing on a white beach by 1:45pm

Direct International Flights To Cebu


  • Japan – 4 hr 10 mins – 5 hr 30 mins
  • Singapore – 3 hr 40 mins
  • Hong Kong – 2 hr 45 mins
  • South Korea – 4 hr 30 mins